International Conference on Education and Training (ICET)


Education is one of the most important sectors implemented universally for human investation. It has a role to enhance the quality of life of people. The development of education and trainings contributes to the level of individual performance, and has intervening effects on the success of the transformation processs for the nation building programs. How is education perceived and valued by any experts, researchers, and the practicioners – these lead the committee of this project to conduct an “International Conference on Education and Training” (ICET).

State University of Malang (UM) working with the International Journal of Innovation in Education (IJIIE) will host this annual international event.


The purposes of the conference are:(1) to call on our attention and understandings on the global issues around education and training systems worldwide; (2) to establish an international forum where all the participants have opportunities to share ideas, experiences, expertise, and knowledges on the global issues of educational practices and development. They are invited to explore and develope the models of educational innovation and technology, and how the stakeholders manage and lead the system in responding the demands of the global society.

Target participant

We invite teachers, students, lecturers, researchers, experts, and practicioners to join this international event.

Theme &Sub-themes

“Quality Improvement in Education and Training: Theory and Practices”
1. Policy, Standard Quality, and Cultural Issues in educational development
2. Education at Global Context: Management, Leadership, Strategy and the Challenges
3. Inovation, Technology, and psychological context
4. The Model of Nonformal and Informal Education Worldwide
5. Innovative training and development issues in education

Schedule and Venue

Date : November 7th 2015
Venue : A-3 Building, 2nd floor, State University of Malang
Jl. Semarang 5, Malang 65145

Phone : +62341566962 Mobile: +6281333700160
Email :